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Geno Stampora Beauty Consultant

Frank and Belinda Gambuzza

 The Visage Group: Salon and Studio Visage, Spa Visage, Knoxville, TN ~ Owner Testimonial

“Our company has been learning from Geno for nearly twenty years. When asked about education the staff has consistently asked for Geno. We have used in in all aspects of our company from consulting to menu planning to driving retail sales and team spirit. He is the very best in the industry when it comes to educating our staff to be the same.”

George Nikollaj

6 Salon, Birmingham and Royal Oak, Michigan ~ Owner Testimonial

“I began attending Geno’s Seminars over a decade ago and now bring him to my salons to motivate the staff. Every time he spends the day with us, the employees leave feeling energized and confident. As a result, we have witnessed increased team camaraderie, higher retail sales and overall numbers. His material is truly inspiring and continually adapts to an ever changing industry. I not only consider him my greatest resource but also consider him a mentor and dear friend.”

Sam Brocato

Sam Brocato Salon, 42 Wooster Street, SOHO, New York, NY ~ Owner Testimonial

“Geno Stampora and I have been close friends for many years. His growth has been incredible. His talent is seeing what the beauty professional needs to be successful and delivering that message in a way that can be understood. I have been in his audience and watched so many people leave his seminar proud of their profession. They have a new sense of energy and they feel more confident in achieving their goals. We have experienced his magic many times in our company and we can’t wait for the seminar.

Dee Levine

Salon Norman-Dee, 1619 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, PA ~ Owner Testimonial

“Salon Norman Dee has had the pleasure of bringing Geno to the salon and working with him at Intercoiffure and The International Haircolor exchange where he is the favorite and most popular voice there. His work ethic is flawless. He relates to his ENTIRE audience. He is a man who does what he teaches and teaches what he does. If you want to see better numbers, higher retail sales, more team energy and a great positive attitude toward the client then he is the man out there for that.

Vidal Sassoon

Industry Icon Testimonial

“Geno Stampora is a master when it comes to teaching the beauty professional or addressing an audience. He has it all. He is entertaining, exciting and bubbling over with knowledge that matters. He provides that missing link to the personal and bonding aspect of beauty success. He is a sincere pleasure to work with.”

Charles Penzone

The Grand Salons, Columbus, Ohio ~ Owner Testimonial

“We have worked with Geno for many years.  No one can bring our staff to the level they need to be today like Geno. Our staff is excited to see him and they learn from him. His passion is contagious. He helps others to see their complete potential and provides the energy and road map to get them there.”

Lois Christie

Christie & Co Salon and Spa, 23-64 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, New York ~ Industry C.E.O. and President Testimonial

“As the President of Intercoiffure, I have an obligation to the members.  At our events it is important to keep things moving. Our members are advanced and they need to have the  best of the best in front of them. As a Master of Ceremonies, an Educator, or facilitating a panel, Geno makes it happen. I have had him in my salon. My staff love him and always ask for another visit.  He has a lasting impact on sales and attitude. I would recommend him to anyone in the industry that is looking for the passion and cutting edge tools.

Frank and Janna Westerbeke

Gadabout SalonSpas, 3501 E Kleindale, Tucson Arizona ~ Owner Testimonial

We love Geno. Over the years he has been our friend, confidant, advisor, and top educator. The entire company rallies to have Geno in front of them. They look forward to his seminars. We have hired Geno to address our entire company at Christmas gatherings, during our company conference and with every group including our phone center people. He makes a difference. Our company learns how to be better professionals, better people, better communicators, and build tighter connection with each other and with our guests.”

Bonnie Bonadeo

President and Founder of The Beauty Agents ~ Industry Testimonial

“Geno worked his way to becoming the inductee to the North American Hairstyle Awards Hall of Leaders. He has traveled most of the world to help beauty professionals achieve success.  He has the passion and heart of beauty. We have worked with Geno on planning, providing education, as a seminar leader, keynote speaker, and business consultant. He is one of beauty’s greatest assets.

Howard Hafetz

Art of Business, 345 Morgantown Road, Reading, PA ~ Industry Testimonial

“I have put Geno in front of my customers for over twenty years. He gets better every time and has become an Art of Business favorite. We have had Geno spend a day with our entire company in order to share with them what it takes to grow in this economy. He is a consummate professional, looks the part and hits the mark.

Elizabeth Coombs

Hair Designer, Avalon Salon and Aesthetic Day Spa, Cincinnati, Ohio ~ Customer Testimonial

“I’m from the Cincinnati / Loveland area and am a Master Hair Designer and Education Director with a focus in hair color consultation. I trained at Live Oaks Cosmetology School and in Redken Color. During my career, I’ve been very motivated by Geno Stampora, a one-of-a-kind expert and business guru for the professional salon industry. His work especially resonates with me because I find inspiration in anything that is encouraging or motivational.

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  • Geno Stampora has made a major contribution to the beauty industry in many ways. He has owned, managed, and worked behind the chair in his collection of salons. He has owned two beauty academies, where he also instructed.

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