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Geno Stampora Beauty ConsultantAs Dee Levine with Salon Norman-Dee said it best, “If you want to see better numbers, higher retail sales, more team energy and a great positive attitude toward the client then he is the man out there for that.Would your business benefit from better numbers, higher retail sales, more team energy and a great positive attitude?  Would you like to make more money? Achieve more success? And enjoy a better quality of life Then look no further. Perhaps you have had the good fortune to see Geno in person, and now you want to hear his message again, and again. Then look no further. Geno’s message is accessible here! Geno has several best selling programs that can help you accelerate your success in both business and in life.  Among his programs, Geno speaks to you on how to:

  • Start a new business
  • Seek more profitability in an existing business
  • Motivate unmotivated employees
  • Move an established business to the next level

Check out what Geno has to offer you today!  He is the ultimate resource!

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Geno’s Book List

Geno Stampora Recommended ReadingIn order to succeed, you must read.  That’s an old slogan and truly one to live by.  The only thing better than direct experience is reading about other people’s experiences and learning as much as you can about a topic. Geno has compiled a list of books that he’s found to be invaluable in helping him become successful. From his top picks, financial books, to books on creativity, you are sure to find more than one you will want to start reading today. Geno’s Book List is one of the invaluable resources he provides to his clients and friends alike.

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  • Geno Stampora has made a major contribution to the beauty industry in many ways. He has owned, managed, and worked behind the chair in his collection of salons. He has owned two beauty academies, where he also instructed.

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