Preparing for Your Geno Visit

Your Geno visit will become an invaluable asset in the success of your business. The key to making a Geno visit as productive as possible is to prepare in advance of his arrival:

1. Please limit all distractions. If possible, there should be no clients or customers present. Shut off phones or silence them and have someone respond to callers in another location. Turn off music.

2. Guests may be invited. There is no videotaping at any time during the presentation.

3. Everyone should be facing Geno. Please arrange to have seating where he can interact and have eye contact with all of the attendees.

4. Everyone should BE PREPARED TO TAKE NOTES BEFORE we begin.

5. If a meal break is schedule, plan ahead for a quick meal that requires little preparation and is easily consumed.

6. Geno will need a flip chart or dry erase board that is easily visible to all in attendance.  Please provide new markers.  If a Geno visit involves a large audience of fifty people or more, Geno will need an overhead projector and screen, and a lav or headset mike with sound system (NO HAND HELD MIKE).

7. Please provide cold bottled water and a glass with ice.

8. Topics should be discussed prior to your Geno visit. There will be time for questions and answers throughout the program.

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