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Thank you for your interest in Geno as a speaker at your next event!  Yes, Geno is a licensed hairdresser. Geno has dedicated his life to the advancement and enhancement of the beauty industry.  As a prominent keynote and event speaker, Geno delivers important life and business messages that cross all industries.  As a result, Geno is a celebrated and world renowned speaker.

Geno can fill virtually all of your seminar needs. All of Geno’s presentations are exciting, entertaining, filled with useful information and very motivational and inspiring.

Geno is an accomplished Master of Ceremonies who has contributed to the success of many business conferences.  His ability engage his audience and maintain a lighthearted and fun atmosphere keeps your event progressing smoothly forward.

If you want your entire company to gain from a presentation, then Geno is your man. Geno is always excited about the opportunity to make a contribution to you and your company.

As a keynote and event speaker, Geno has had the unique pleasure of sharing his thoughts, ideas, and fundamentals with many audiences in all ranges of life.  Geno has successfully worked with churches, schools, colleges, Kiwanis, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce, business associations, many different types of small businesses~ from restaurants to veterinary hospitals, from banks to law firms.  Geno is honored to have worked with the U.S. National Guard, the League of Mayors, banks, car dealers, Marriott, Hilton, United Airlines, and more.

Geno’s presentations are exciting, humorous, passionate, lively, and filled with the tools for success in life and work. What can you expect from a presentation: more appreciative company employees, improved staff and client retention, clearer and more effective lines of communication, stronger sales, a new willingness to work harder and stay focused, greater team spirit, a renewed passion for life and heightened respect for each other and for everyone else, too.

Seminars can range from 60 minutes to three full days depending on specific needs, the depth and intensity required, and ultimately, the results desired.

Keynote and event speaker presentations are usually one to two hours. The most requested seminars include: creating team spirit, true life skills for success, creating the path to mastery, the art of selling and developing creativity. Seminars or keynote addresses can be customized based on your desired outcome. Every program is original and taylored just for your team.

Geno is a motivational and humorous keynote speaker whose message goes beyond the presentation. Contact him today for information or to schedule him for your next event.

Keynote Sample

Join world class speaker and life enhancement coach Geno Stampora on a journey into how life works and how to make it work better for you.

Making Life Work

Making Life Work is a master keynote and event speaker presentation on the keys to success and life. Your rewards for attending this seminar will include: how to communicate effectively and easily with others, how to read people better, understanding finances, how to create and provide value, key ideas on marketing and growing a business, how to develop the motivation and energy for success.

“I believe that everyone has the same playing field to create success and happiness, it is called life. There is only one real difference between those who make and those who fall. That difference is that the one’s who succeed are better prepared. They have the knowledge needed to overcome the obstacles that stop the average person. What you don’t know can and will hurt you, and over time will take its toll on you and your family,” says Geno.

Be prepared for your future and see how close success and happiness are. The greatest investment you can make is to invest in you. The tools and keys for turning life’s dreams into realities are in this seminar. Make today count. Make a commitment to be at this seminar. Your growth as an individual will increase your value to the marketplace and to your friends and family.  The message  delivered as your keynote and event speaker presentation is guaranteed to make a difference in your life.

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  • Geno Stampora has made a major contribution to the beauty industry in many ways. He has owned, managed, and worked behind the chair in his collection of salons. He has owned two beauty academies, where he also instructed.

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