The Greatest Enemy of Learning is Knowing

One of the best lessons I have ever learned is this:  the greatest enemy of learning is knowing.

Once you think you know, you build a barrier that prevents you from becoming more.

One of the major keys to life is to always be searching for more.  We must always be looking to learn.  Some say it is to “have a student’s heart”.  Some say just always seek knowledge.

The only real thing that separates us from others is our willingness to learn and to use that new learning in a positive way.  Every now and then, it is a good idea to actually reserve time in your day or week for learning.  This will require some planning.  “What does not get scheduled, does not get done.”  You could read, study a CD or DVD or just observe to learn something new. When you observe for learning you see more and you put more value in what you see.  You will even retain more.

It is knowledge that set us apart.

It took me took long to learn that I was smarter than I ever imagined.

I hope I can help you to believe that the same is true for you!  Don’t waste time!  None of us have enough time!  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have forever; this is lunatic thinking.

You must have a sense of urgency.  Act fast.  Be productive.  Make it happen. 

What are you reading right now?  What is going to take you where you want to be?  Study will.  Hunger will.  How hungry are you?

Don’t be one of those people who dreams of becoming a millionaire, but is not reading a book about money!

Your true success and your true quality of life will depend totally on your level of hunger and your openness to learn.

To Your Success,

Geno Stampora

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