Adventures in Creative Hairdressing


Set your creative genius loose with the help of Geno Stampora’s audio program, Adventures in Creative Hairdressing. Discover your potential and watch your salon’s profit, retail, sales ability and retention skyrocket thanks to Geno’s knowledge, insights and wisdom.



Let this program help you turn your dreams into reality with Geno’s unique style of timeless motivation that will make you want to listen again and again.

Adventures in Creative Hairdressing is more than a how-to. It’s a why, and how, and a do-it-now audio guide that will transform your business and your life!

See what people are saying:

“Love your CDs!!!!! I listen to them in my car all the time. 🙂 It’s wonderful inspiration and self-help. It’s great for on the way to work — just a reminder to yourself to have a great day!” Mijin Ha

“I make all my new staff listen when they start and again when they start having that “oh god, why am I not busy yet” moment! It clarifies that THEY are responsible for their own success or failure. Every idea is a great one but if no action is taken on them, you are still waiting for your success. Geno really lights that fire to take action! Chris Rosman

Geno’s programs inspire more than just the beauty industry.

“Not only do I listen to them, but my HUSBAND also listens to them, AND he learns from it… And he does construction for a living! It’s about how to conduct your life.” Nikki Silbert Cestaro

So please don’t wait to get your copy — download it today and let us know what you think and how it inspires you in your career and everyday life. Let’s make the beauty industry the best industry it can be — together.


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