SS Geno Stampora “Salon Success”


Developed for beauty professionals, Geno Stampora’s Salon Success: Becoming Your Best in Beauty is the go-to audio set for those looking to improve their business and enhance their bottom line.



This audio will teach you to:

  • Overcome intimidation
  • Function effectively as a team player
  • Motivate toward success
  • Learn the power of clear communication with clients and co-workers

Salon Success: Becoming Your Best in Beauty is geared toward salon owners and managers and covers crucial topics like raising prices, firing your clients the right way, and asking your clients to help you find new help – all using Geno Stampora’s industry best practices and his positive, impactful attitude.  

Prep yourself and your business to succeed with Salon Success: Becoming Your Best in Beauty.

“It’s the standard by which every professional needs to work by! They will make you a better hairdresser on how to prepare yourself personally, professionally, and best of all be successful! I think of it as a, TELL THE TRUTH IN HAIRDRESSING. I do not have a favorite Geno Audio. They are all my favorites and wouldn’t part with any of them! God Bless with love, peace, and happiness!” 
Tami Kwilinski

“I always have your cd on top of my case. It goes in, especially when I know it will be a hard day. It makes me laugh, relax, and remember what I need to do!”
Dot Carrigan

We are all lucky to be working in an amazing industry — let’s work together to make it the best beauty industry of the century!

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