Articles from March, 2015

I Am Deserving

By Geno Stampora on March 9, 2015

Many of you have heard me read you the letter: “I Am Deserving”. Written by Louise I. Hay, the words in this letter offer us a reminder that we are responsible for our destiny. We do not have to remain or be a victim of the negative thoughts, opinions or limitations place on us by others! We, alone, have the key to be….WHATEVER WE WANT!                     WE    ARE    DESERVING ! ! I AM DESERVING…. I am responsible for me. I will not allow others to occupy space in my mind if they limit my thinking. I deserve more.  I deserve a good life.  I deserve to be all I can be!       Enjoy your copy of this letter.  Read it often.  Print it.  Frame it. Be deserving.

Great Articles Deserve to be Shared

By Geno Stampora on March 2, 2015

As I peruse articles that come across my desk, either in print or online, I think about how my own client base might benefit from them. As a new feature, I will be sharing information that I believe can be impactful on your day to day life or in your business.  This is part of being self aware. Anthony K. Tjan wrote this excellent article for Harvard Business Review online. Read it to gain some spot on insight and guidance to being more self aware.  

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