There are many avenues to choose when it comes to growing your business in beauty.
The best way, of course, is through personal experiences and people you already know!

Begin with this thought in mind: marketing in beauty is a 365 day, 24 hour campaign that should never be forgotten.
Everyone, everything, and every place can become a marketing mecca.

1. Make a list of all of the people close to you including your family, friends, and neighbors that you know well. Draft a simple letter and or card and ask them to help you grow by sending in people they know that you could help.
Dear Bob, Please help me. I am on a campaign to build some new business. Who do you know that you could give my card to and ask them to visit me at the salon. I will give them the great service and style that I am known for. Thank you so much for your help!!

2. Ask your current guests, especially the ones you feel the closest to. Have your clients that come to you now become your marketing stars. Give them each 3-5 cards and ask them every time to please pass your cards out to friends, coworkers, and family. Promise them that you will make them proud.

3. Focus on specific businesses. Choose a close by business and offer every employee there a special or a discount, or best ever, a free professional product for trying your services. When you give them a professional product the worth to them twice what you paid for it. If they love it, they will come to you and buy it.

4. Get in the habit of passing your card out to everyone you meet. Your business card is the greatest form of advertising you have. Take a good look at your card and see if needs color or updating or new information on it. Get too many cards made when printing and start to give a card to everyone. This does work and keeps on working.

5. Make a friendly acquaintance list. Create a list of all the people you are loyal to: our doctors, dentist, dry Cleaner, trades people, restaurants and bars. Go to them with cards and ask for their help in getting you busy just like you advertise for them. Your word is valuable. When selecting clients always go for the ones who work in the limelight ~ real estate people, bartenders, wait staff, teachers, professors ~ they will all spread the word for you more quickly because they are out there being seen and heard.

Last but not least, do great work!
Create styles for your guests that stand out and sell you.
Make them look unique and current.