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The Power of the Handwritten Note

By Geno Stampora on December 6, 2012

In the midst of holiday insanity, don’t forget to use this time to thank the people around you for their friendship, support and for being loyal clients. I am a strong believer in regularly sending cards and letters.  I believe the way to someone s heart is through the mail, “snail” mail.  The handwritten note is still the most intimate way to get your message across. It has become even more impactful because it is rarely used anymore.  Even when the mail is used today, much of it is computer generated and very impersonal. Over the years when asked about the tips and ideas to be more successful, I always mention the power of cards, notes, and letters. Follow these simple ideas and watch what happens: The goal is to be memorable, to leave a lasting impression. The tool is …


If You Read, You Succeed!

By Geno Stampora on September 1, 2012

If you read, you succeed!  I have always believed this. I find that summertime is a great time to read and to reread old favorites.  This summer has proven to be a great one for books that matter to me and my profession.  I also took the time to reread a few old faves and see if there is something I forgot or something that makes more sense now than before. The old faves are:  Booked Solid by Paul DiGrigoli, Self-Made in America by John McCormack, Be Nice (or Else!)  by Winn Claybaugh, and No Compromise Leadership by Neil DuCoff. These are just a few of the awesome books that deal directly with our industry and/or are written by industry icons.  I am honored to say that all of these authors are personal friends of mine.  Not only are they each very successful, they are constantly …


A history lesson…

By Geno Stampora on September 30, 2016

People say if you’re hungry, you’ll succeed. I was hungry, but it was only until I realized I had to change me that I could be. It took about 35 years and dozens of mentors to see who was inside of me. I made a decision to change, to stop drifting, to focus and be on point. It was an intentional choice. We all have the same choice, every day. But it takes guts. It takes the courage to step out of your comfort zone and make the changes. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. It was time for me to change things up. I wanted to be with smart people with integrity. I went to the library. I grew myself. I paid attention. I took Led Zeppelin out; I put in the …



By Geno Stampora on August 7, 2012

In July during Beauty Week there is also BEACON.  BEACON is a PBA event that features some of the most promising cosmetology students.  The opportunity to attend BEACON is either earned by some through scholarship or paid by others. This year was the largest Beacon group ever, and the best to date. I have had the privilege and honor to facilitate Beacon for many years. Before me was the incredible Winn Claybaugh, and lucky for me, he became too busy opening up those Paul Mitchell academies all over the country, so I stepped in. The BEACON event is a time for students to hear from some of the great and talented members of the beauty industry. It is a time for these beauty icons to share advice and tips of the trade to those who will soon enter the workplace …


Five Keys to Effective Communication

By Geno Stampora on April 26, 2012

In every one of my seminars, classes, and in-salon programs, I try to add some type of communication portion. Communication is one of the most important keys to a successful life. To fully possess the ability to connect and have a great, fulfilling conversation with others is paramount. To be able to share your thoughts or direct a person in the proper way makes life work better for you and those around you. Most people think they can communicate well because they can talk and that is where the danger lies. Great communication is an art. It takes thought. You have to begin to think before you speak. It is not easy.  There are however, hundreds of books to help you.  I encourage you to find some and read them. Here are my five key ideas to communicating effectively. People …


See Geno LIVE: Oct 21-23, 2017 Arrojo Expo NYC

By Barb Stampora on September 28, 2017

Powered by Goodwell, Geno will join a stunning lineup to celebrate women in hairdressing at the Arrojo Expo 2017.  Geno will be featured on the Business Symposium alongside Nick Arrojo and Jeff Mason at this flagship event.

See Geno LIVE: Nov 5-6, 2017 Fashion Focus Cleveland, OH

By Barb Stampora on September 28, 2017

Join Geno as he presents several classes over the two days of education.  His new CD “The 21 Keys to Success in Life” will be available for sale as well as a few old favorites.  Fashion Focus Cleveland is the place to learn, to be inspired, and to reach your full potential. “The spirit of the beauty industry is electric. It inspires and teaches. It creates and pushes boundaries. It is everywhere, every moment, and always evolving. It’s you. See your passion in action. Get up close and personal with the industry’s top artists. Learn revolutionary style techniques from beauty experts. Form life-long connections with fellow beauty professionals. It’s all here at Charlotte Fashion Focus for those Licensed To Create.  

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