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By Geno Stampora on August 7, 2012

In July during Beauty Week there is also BEACON.  BEACON is a PBA event that features some of the most promising cosmetology students.  The opportunity to attend BEACON is either earned by some through scholarship or paid by others. This year was the largest Beacon group ever, and the best to date. I have had the privilege and honor to facilitate Beacon for many years. Before me was the incredible Winn Claybaugh, and lucky for me, he became too busy opening up those Paul Mitchell academies all over the country, so I stepped in. The BEACON event is a time for students to hear from some of the great and talented members of the beauty industry. It is a time for these beauty icons to share advice and tips of the trade to those who will soon enter the workplace …


See Geno LIVE: Sept 18-19, 2016, World’s Fair Hair Show, Austin, TX, presented by Armstrong McCall

By Barb Stampora on September 30, 2016

Geno will participate in Armstrong McCall’s World’s Fair Hair Show in Austin, Texas. Jing the biggest talent in the industry, Geno will provide salon solutions to common industry concerns

See Geno LIVE: Feb 26, 2015, Transport your Business to the Next Level sponsored by the Western Loudoun Leadshare Group

By Geno Stampora on February 16, 2015

Who doesn’t want to move their business up a few notches?  Whether business owners hope to gain new clientele, or have a bigger mindset in their current customer base, or simply do what they do better and more effectively, there is always room for improvement. Where do you go for inspiration?  What tools can you put in place to move you from entrepreneurial to purposeful? Subscribe to industry, business and or business articles.  Be a reader.  Develop the time in each day to read what is current in your industry.  Develop time in your day to take care of YOU! Attend business development seminars; join a networking group; listen to a great speaker online or in person. If you live in the Northern Virginia area, don’t miss the opportunity to see Geno speak! Designed for sole proprietors and businesses alike, attendees will …


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