Five Keys to Effective Communication

In every one of my seminars, classes, and in-salon programs, I try to add some type of communication portion.

Communication is one of the most important keys to a successful life.

To fully possess the ability to connect and have a great, fulfilling conversation with others is paramount. To be able to share your thoughts or direct a person in the proper way makes life work better for you and those around you.

Most people think they can communicate well because they can talk and that is where the danger lies.

Great communication is an art. It takes thought. You have to begin to think before you speak. It is not easy.  There are however, hundreds of books to help you.  I encourage you to find some and read them.

Here are my five key ideas to communicating effectively.

  1. People have a breakdown in communication when things, thoughts, and gestures get in the way. Your face, body, and words are all saying something. Your clothing and actions are speaking.
  2. Sometimes there is a breakdown between what you say and what you meant to say.  There can be an issue between what you thought and what came out of your mouth.
  3. Then it can occur between what they heard and what they thought they heard. Be clear. Don’t use more words than you have too. Speak to other persons understanding. Speak at their level.
  4. When you do speak try to think of what they are hearing and not just wheat you are saying. Be precise. There are many great presentations that have stood the test if time and they are short and to the point. The Gettysburg address is less than 300 words!
  5. Begin with great eye contact. Then speak clearly and watch the person you are talking with to see if they are there.

Once you master that, attempt to develop the habit of thinking about what you are going to say before you say,. You are already a better communicator by just doing that.

To your success,
Geno Stampora


  1. Jeannine on April 20, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Refreshing, and simple. Thank YOU

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