Five Ways to Grow Your Business

There are many avenues to choose when it comes to growing your business in beauty.  The best way is through personal experiences and through people you already know.

Begin with this thought in mind:  marketing in beauty OR ANY INDUSTRY is a 365 day, 24 hour per day campaign that should never be forgotten.

EVERYONE….EVERYTHING….EVERY PLACE can be a marketing mecca.

  1. Get in the habit of passing out your card to everyone you meet.  It is the greatest form of advertising you possess!  Take a good look at it:  does it need updating?  Is it memorable?  Is it easy to read?  Is all the information correct and included?  I see cards all over the country, many memorable, but many without area codes!
  2. Make a list of all people you know:  your family, friends, neighbors.  Draft a simple letter or card in which you ask for help. Specifically, ask them for referrals of those who could benefit from your business.  “Dear Bob, Please help me.  I am on a campaign to build my business.  Who could you share my business card with?  Who do you know who would enjoy visiting me at the salon.  I promise I will deliver great service.  Thank you so much for your help!”.
  3. Focus on people you do business with and do the same thing:  doctors, dentist, dry cleaner, trades people, restaurants and bars which your frequent.  Write letters, pass out your cards, work on your “elevator speech” in which you tell people about what you do with confidence in a couple of sentences.
  4. Focus on a specific business. Offer every employee a special or a discount or better still, offer a free professional product just for trying your services!  The product costs little to you, and is a tremendous value to the new client who if they like it, they will come to you and buy it.  This is an easy, cost effective strategy to drum up new business.