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The Power of the Handwritten Note

By Geno Stampora on December 6, 2012

In the midst of holiday insanity, don’t forget to use this time to thank the people around you for their friendship, support and for being loyal clients. I am a strong believer in regularly sending cards and letters.  I believe the way to someone s heart is through the mail, “snail” mail.  The handwritten note is still the most intimate way to get your message across. It has become even more impactful because it is rarely used anymore.  Even when the mail is used today, much of it is computer generated and very impersonal. Over the years when asked about the tips and ideas to be more successful, I always mention the power of cards, notes, and letters. Follow these simple ideas and watch what happens: The goal is to be memorable, to leave a lasting impression. The tool is …


The Greatest Enemy of Learning is Knowing

By Geno Stampora on July 12, 2012

One of the best lessons I have ever learned is this:  the greatest enemy of learning is knowing. Once you think you know, you build a barrier that prevents you from becoming more. One of the major keys to life is to always be searching for more.  We must always be looking to learn.  Some say it is to “have a student’s heart”.  Some say just always seek knowledge. The only real thing that separates us from others is our willingness to learn and to use that new learning in a positive way.  Every now and then, it is a good idea to actually reserve time in your day or week for learning.  This will require some planning.  “What does not get scheduled, does not get done.”  You could read, study a CD or DVD or just observe to learn …


Five Ways to Grow Your Business

By Geno Stampora on July 23, 2014

There are many avenues to choose when it comes to growing your business in beauty.  The best way is through personal experiences and through people you already know. Begin with this thought in mind:  marketing in beauty OR ANY INDUSTRY is a 365 day, 24 hour per day campaign that should never be forgotten. EVERYONE….EVERYTHING….EVERY PLACE can be a marketing mecca. Get in the habit of passing out your card to everyone you meet.  It is the greatest form of advertising you possess!  Take a good look at it:  does it need updating?  Is it memorable?  Is it easy to read?  Is all the information correct and included?  I see cards all over the country, many memorable, but many without area codes! Make a list of all people you know:  your family, friends, neighbors.  Draft a simple letter or card in which …


The Art of Balance in Life (It’s All About Your Plan)

By Geno Stampora on May 8, 2012

The art of balance in life has always been a great challenge for me personally. Balance is the elusive butterfly in life. There are times it is there and then in a moment it is gone. This is normal. It happens. I believe the first step to achieving balance is to study your quality of life. I try to make every major decision with my personal and family quality of life in mind. How will this affect me? How will this affect my family? Be realistic though. Do you like to shop? Do you like nice stuff? Do you like to travel? Do you like a nice car? Do you want to live in a nice house? All of these questions and more can and will affect your definition of balance. I am lucky. I love what I do for a living. …


A Salon Success Strategy

By Geno Stampora on July 23, 2012

I am honored to be a member of what I have always believed to be the greatest industry of all time.  This is the only industry that I know where both women and men are paid equally.  This is the only industry that I know where the playing field is equal for all people, regardless of your sexual preference, your heritage, your upbringing or your education!!  Anyone can achieve success in the beauty industry! The beauty industry is the place to be.  Once I set my sights on becoming an educator for our great industry, the hard work began.  I read everything.  I studied everything and everyone.  I visited salons, and just watched.  I began to take notes.  Salon success has many layers! The first thing that I discovered is that, even smart, beautiful, talented, salons go under.  Those salons …


Is Fear or a Lack of Confidence Holding You Back?

By Geno Stampora on May 23, 2012

Many of us want so much more out of life but fear and a lack of confidence prevent us from breaking out of the comfort zone we have built to try something new and different. Burn into your brain this great saying: “If I always do what I have always done, I will always get what I have always gotten.” What this means is that to change or alter the course of your life, you have to be willing to take risks. The larger the risk, usually the larger the reward. My friend Zig Ziglar says that fear is false evidence appearing real and I believe him.  After years of not trying new things due to fear, I broke out.  I challenged my fears one at a time.  Once a fear has been challenged and overcome, you have this great …


See Geno LIVE: Dec 4-6, 2017 Gene Juarez Salons and Spas, Seattle, WA

By Barb Stampora on September 28, 2017

Geno is thrilled to return for the second consecutive year to speak to the team at Gene Juarez Salons and Spas in Washington state.  Geno will provide inspiration, education and fun as he guides his audience through the unique business of beauty.  This event is PRIVATE.

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