Happy 2013: Make it count

Happy New Year!

Here it is January 2013, a time of year most people begin to assess the productivity and success of the past twelve months.  We begin to ask ourselves the serious questions that we avoided all year long.  Don’t we find a way to believe that we are just “too busy to think about that now”?  As Scarlet O’Hara stated so well, “I won’t think about that now, I will think about that tomorrow”.

There are times when the important questions need to be asked.  We expect our children to make measurable progress in reasonable time.  We would not want our children to spend 3 years in 5th grade. Sports would be boring if there never was a winner.  We have a list of the things we work for and we expect to get those things accomplished as time moves along.  That is usually the plan.

What we tend to forget is that time moves  faster and faster every day.  The one thing that goes up in value every day of our lives is time.  Every day we have one less day.  No matter where on earth you are, you share the same exact times with all others. The present is the present for everyone.  There are 24 hours in every day and 60 minutes in every hour.  We need to focus on and work with this fact.

Many people mistake activity for productivity.  They tend to think that they are working hard, but they are not producing.  

The successful and fulfilled  are productive:

  • They get things done
  • They make progress
  • They learn how to make the hour as effective as it can be.
  • They are careful not to waste time or let it dwindle away.

In the coming year, the greatest goal you can have is to use your time as wisely as possible. It is a decision, a conscious effort, and decisions are what form our lives.

You are a product of your decisions.

  • Practice making swift accurate decisions and stand behind them to get them done.
  • Become an accomplisher.
  • Be there person known for completing the task.
  • Be known for getting things done in a timely manner.

It takes practice and a conscious effort to use your time wisely and pays off in a big way.

Make your main goal this year to get it done.   Make 2013 count by reaching big goals.

Be aware of procrastination and do not let in interfere with you and your productivity.

My best advice for a terrific 2013 would be to go out and buy you two books.  One book on using time effectively, and the other on making strong, firm, well thought decisions.   A new audio by Geno is always a good investment.

Today you can begin to walk on a new path.  Today you can begin to live your life more fully and make more of a contribution.

Make today matter.   


Geno Stampora

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