If You Read, You Succeed!

By Geno Stampora on September 1, 2012

If you read, you succeed!  I have always believed this.

I find that summertime is a great time to read and to reread old favorites.  This summer has proven to be a great one for books that matter to me and my profession.  I also took the time to reread a few old faves and see if there is something I forgot or something that makes more sense now than before.

The old faves are:  Booked Solid by Paul DiGrigoliSelf-Made in America by John McCormack, Be Nice (or Else!)  by Winn Claybaugh, and No Compromise Leadership by Neil DuCoff.

These are just a few of the awesome books that deal directly with our industry and/or are written by industry icons.  I am honored to say that all of these authors are personal friends of mine.  Not only are they each very successful, they are constantly giving to beauty.  They each have and are leaving their mark to better our industry every day.

Rereading books is a great practice and habit to develop.  It is like buying new music:  ou hear a song that you love and you buy the CD.  Sometimes, you listen to the CD and only love the song you bought it for.  Over time, the other songs become ones you like, as well, and perhaps a different song becomes more your favorite than the first.  Books are the same way:  they can effect you differently depending on where you are at the time.

If you read, you succeed!  It is really true.  I would not be where I am today without the wisdom of great authors.

I am currently reading  Uplifting Service  by Ron Kaufman.  This book is terrific.  It does have a lot of filler, but it’s ok because when it hits home, it does it very well.  The author takes you on a journey into what makes great service and what type of people deliver it.  He also provides a formula and some best practices to make sure you are doing it.  This service book is “in on the money”!  I was impressed with the way this book is put together.  The sections are about Why, Leading, building, learning, and driving this culture and philosophy.  He also breaks down the six levels of service and makes me more aware of what is happening around me in  the service world.  I learned how to see and judge better how I am being serviced,  if  there is a culture of service and if it is done with purpose or just done.   For the beauty industry, this book is a must read.

If you read, you succeed!  Happy Reading!

Geno Stampora


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One response to “If You Read, You Succeed!”

  1. Angela Zins says:

    Geno, thank you for your words of wisdom! I have enjoyed seeing you year after year and am always uplifted and inspired by you when I leave your classes. We appreciate you taking the time to talk personally with us this past weekend at the Nashville show on advice about opening a new salon. I have been a hairdresser for 27 years and never thought it would be my desire to go into business for myself until trying to get to every show I could to see and listen to you on building one. Within the next few months we will be opening our new salon!! Ready to grow! The next purchase is one of the books you suggest.

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