A Salon Success Strategy

I am honored to be a member of what I have always believed to be the greatest industry of all time.  This is the only industry that I know where both women and men are paid equally.  This is the only industry that I know where the playing field is equal for all people, regardless of your sexual preference, your heritage, your upbringing or your education!!  Anyone can achieve success in the beauty industry!

The beauty industry is the place to be. 

Once I set my sights on becoming an educator for our great industry, the hard work began.  I read everything.  I studied everything and everyone.  I visited salons, and just watched.  I began to take notes.  Salon success has many layers!

The first thing that I discovered is that, even smart, beautiful, talented, salons go under.  Those salons that you would think should be successful, struggled. That is what hurt the most.  How could they not make it in this terrific industry?  How could I make it and they not make it?  I could not come to grips with it.  I kept asking, “if I had their intelligence, and their talent, where I would be”?  What is it that makes a salon successful?

Then, I realized the power of doing whatever it takes. This is one of the keys to success for a salon!  In beauty, it is what you must live by in order to separate yourself from your competition.  And it is what I live by!

There are too many choices today.  There are more choices than ever before.   In today’s real-time world, you always have to be thinking about what you are going to do, be, say, act, and dress to differentiate yourself and your salon from the others.  Your customers are savvy: they can stand at your salon’s front door and see the last 5 service reviews on their phone!

What do your service reviews say about you? Are you providing extra-ordinary service?  Are your customers leaving with a positive experience?  ARE YOU MEMORABLE?

What is separating you from those customers’ other choices?  What can you do to stand out and be seen in a different way?  What can you do to be a success in beauty?  What is your strategy for success in terms of differentiating you and your salon from your competition?

THIS is what I would focus on:  differentiation. 

Ask yourself. How are you and your salon perceived in your marketplace?  Are you known as a family salon? Full service? Upscale? Edgy? Expensive? Value added type? What kind of salon are you?  What does your area competition tell you? How do you stand out from your competition??   What are you doing to be different, to be memorable?

Take inventory.  Discover what it is that you can do to stand out and be memorable!

To Your Success,

Geno Stampora


  1. Lee Martinez on December 11, 2013 at 11:41 am

    I came across you’r tapes some ten years ago and have always realized this knoeledge of guidance inbeded in my brain is a major element missing that I need to be over the top successful. I am a master stylist of the art and need continued huidance and I have chosen you for that guidance.
    Thank you,
    Stylist, in Boca Raton,Fl
    Lee Martinez

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