Growing Your Business (Two Keys to Success)

There are two very important keys to growing your salon or any business for that matter.

First, and the most important is to remember to keep the clients you already have now by treating them like new clients every time they visit your business.

  • Be on time, look your very best.
  • Use professional dialogue.
  • Do not talk about anything but your business or service or product and them.
  • Give them the expert white glove customer service treatment whenever they are there–every single time.
  • Do not give them reason to shop around or an excuse to find another business.

Your main focus should be on owning that customer by treating them excellent and giving them the best service they have ever received.

The next most important thing is to provide the customer with a reason to talk about you and your business or service or product with their friends and family.

Remind them when they are leaving to send others your way.  During your close, there are three special things to share with every guest.

  1. Thank them very much for their business and remind them that you are looking forward to seeing them again so perhaps they could reschedule now for the next visits and set the time aside. People need to be taught that a style does not last and the best way to have the added confidence of looking their best is to have their hair done on time very time and by rescheduling you make that happen.
  2. Ask them to please purchase the products and tools you used on them today in the salon. That is how you can guarantee to them that they are able to do the same style at home just like in the salon. You can say “It matters to me what you use on your hair.”  That is a great dialogue line to use. It shows you care and reinforces the value behind why you are suggesting they purchase the products you are recommending.
  3. Mention to them that the greatest form of advertising is the one that you can’t buy and that is for them to tell their friends and family about you and your business.

If you do these things every time, you WILL grow your business.

To your success,
Geno Stampora

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